What to Expect – Six Ways Our Process is Different:

In our first discussion, we will be talking about your expectations, your hopes, your dreams and your goals. We will be looking for root causes of problems, concerns, and issues, so realistic treatment plans can be developed, involving simple, easy to learn skills and tools.

You can depend on us to be available to listen with attention and precision to your cares, concerns and issues, help you to understand root causes, and then provide you with opportunity to transform your life into what you want it to be. We will do all of this in a safe, comfortable, and efficient manner.

We will do the following:

  1. We will listen with care and deft to what you say.
  2. We will discover root causes of problems and concerns which you present.
  3. We will offer you treatment plans and explain to you what this means in language which is easy to understand.
  4. We will assist you in transforming your life into directions you want to go.
  5. We will create a safe and comfortable environment.
  6. We will use a feedback measurement system to ensure that you reach your goals.

If for some reason we are not a good match for you or cannot help, we will assist you in quickly finding a professional who can.

How will I Benefit from This?

We have worked hard to be available for a steady intake of one or two new clients each week. We are currently welcoming new clients (and maintaining an active wait list).

My practice is for people who desire the following:

  1. Enjoyment of fulfilling relationships for life.
  2. Being listened to with attention to detail.
  3. Being empowered.
  4. Are willing to understand the source of problems and resolve them in an accountable way instead of blaming others.
  5. A counsellor who invests in people’s lives.
  6. Simple easy to use skills, tools and strategies.
  7. We work with couples, families, individuals, adults, teens and children, groups and organizations.

Would you like to find out how we could assist you?

The Problems – Reasons Why Counselling Does Not Work

Many people waste a lot of time and money with a counsellor or therapist who is not a “good fit” for them resulting in very little progress or even negative changes in their lives.

A lot of people who seek treatment through a counsellor have expensive and frustrating conversations with someone (sometimes for many years) who does not deal with root causes of issues, causing similar issues to come up over and over again without ever being resolved. Coping with symptoms delays resolution of real problems and causes a negative energy drain on mind and body. There are many reasons people seek counselling; the most important reason should be a marked improvement in overall quality of life.

People want a real professional who can get to the root of issues with efficiency and effectiveness, bringing relief to problems, not placating, or dealing with symptoms instead of causes.

A decision to enter into a relationship with a perfect stranger and share intimate details of your life, trusting professionals to assist you in coming to a realistic solution, is a courageous choice which can be a painful and difficult choice if not addressed successfully.

If the“fit” between the client and the professional is not a good match, or a counsellor does not engage in some sort of accountability program the opportunity for success can be significantly diminished. Some unfortunate people spend months or years with a counsellor who is not a good match for them and end up being “dragged” through a great deal of unnecessary “stuff”.

My Not So Secret Ingredient:

I use a simple, easy to use client feedback system – Four questions at the beginning and end of each session that ensures that you and I are able to track your progress and successes, making sure you are receiving what you came for and that progress is headed in the right direction.

What this means for you:

According to the largest clinical trial with couples to date – co-authored by University of Rhode Island Human Development and Family Studies Professor Jacqueline Sparks – couples that had systematic client feedback (the system that I use) incorporated into their sessions were 46.2 percent less likely to wind up divorced or separated.

Experience is everything. I look forward to you having an opportunity to experience the genuine, positive, and life changing experience which counselling can be for you.

And if for some reason I am not a good match for you or cannot help you, I will assist you in finding a professional who can.

The Solution:

People want a simple, easy to understand process, helping them to improve and creating a future worth looking forward to.

We'd like to hear from you.

We invite you to visit us for a risk free opportunity to meet with one of our counsellors, talk about your concerns and receive feedback on how we can help. Your free initial consultation meeting is just a call or an e-mail away.

Call us at 604-574-6555, email us at [email protected], or visit our contact page to submit through the contact form and one of our professional staff will contact you.