Frequently Asked Questions

Most people are unsure of what to expect when they approach something new or different. This is made true more often if they have heard negative things or have had a past negative experience. Please call or e-mail me and we will be pleased to discuss what to expect before you make an appointment.

We offer a straightforward, no pressure, and no obligation approach. As a routine part of this practice, we offer an opportunity to take some assessments online, so you can determine for yourself if you “need” assistance, and where you may be able to benefit.

We can discuss your assessment results on the phone, via e-mail or in person and determine what will be best for your future. As time permits, We will offer you an initial treatment plan for your consideration.

Of course if you prefer, you can just skip the initial online assessment and we can get right to work on resolving root causes of problems, issues and concerns you came with and want to leave without.

The choice is up to you.