Our Approach

Could Counselling Assist You?

Counselling can be a delicate and sensitive process which requires numerous competencies, skills, and abilities. It is for this reason that we use outcome measures (Client Directed, Outcome Informed – CDOI) to ensure that you are always receiving the best services and best practices that can be provided and that you are always moving towards your goals as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

In an unlikely event that you may not be satisfied with an outcome from a session, or our services please bring it to my attention as soon as it is practical to do so. Let me know what the problem is, and what we can do to resolve it for you. Please accept my assurance that the health of the relationship with you is my highest priority at all times.

"Uniqueness" – Does it Really Work?

One unique aspect of this counselling practice is a request of all clients that they and the counsellor be held accountable for achieving goals. The professionals working in this practice understands that no matter what theory a counsellor uses, real effectiveness is this: Does it work, for this person, with this counsellor, in this setting? Yes, theories are important, and positive, healthy outcomes are even better.

This practice also reflects a philosophy that between you and me, we can get to the roots of problems and resolve them. Together, we can make problems, issues and concerns reduced to the simplest concepts, which are then much easier to understand, digest and resolve.

You are the main focus of the reason we are available in the practice and the hero of your own life.

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