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Client, Customer and Peer Rewiews

Anxiety Resolution:
“I had a number of issues from my past that made me very anxious and I grew more and more stressed in my daily life and suffered from anxiety attacks. These attacks began as I was about 11 and became increasingly more frequent until they prevented me from being in control of my own life. I struggled to maintain a "normal" appearance, but found that it was almost impossible as I was suffering from up to 10 anxiety attacks a day. Some days I was unable to get out of bed and the depression set in as well. I no longer enjoyed my life, but found myself in a constant state of stress where I was spending every moment that I wasn't having an anxiety attack, dreading the next attack. I avoided going out in public or any situation where I could anticipate having an anxiety attack. I always had to have a "way out" to save face. I spent every moment with this cloud over me.

Through working with Gerry, I have found the root of most of my fears and the causes of my anxiety. With the program that Gerry used, I was able to face my past in a safe environment and literally put the fears to rest. Once we systematically addressed my past issues, the fears and anxiety no longer were in control. Gerry also helped me to find confidence in my own ability to help myself. I am now in control of my own life. My anxiety attacks have virtually vanished and I have had only a few in the past 4 years, none of which are debilitating as they had been in the past. I now see these attacks as a warning that my stress level is too high and I can make changes to reduce my stress level.

What I most appreciate is my ability to live without constant fear. I now feel in control of my life and have a new hope for my future. I doubt my marriage would have survived much longer and I also believe my health would have suffered. I have not only re-joined the human race, I have found vitality and sometimes I even feel courageous enough to try something new which would not have been possible in my previous state of mind.

I had tried numerous other approaches to relieve myself of the pain and torture. It was desperation that brought me to Gerry. I had been to a number of other counsellors with great credentials and prestigious clients who promised to help me but only gave me methods of coping with the fears and attacks. None of them ever suggested addressing the fears directly and resolving unresolved issues. This unique approach was the only solution after a lifetime of searching for answers. I had also desperately turned to many self-help books, CD's, herbal remedies, etc. Although there was some relief, nothing was permanent.

My ability to get out of bed in the morning and the complete turn around of my life has been a catalyst for me to share the great results I have had with Gerry's counselling. I strongly recommend Gerry to all I meet, friends and strangers. No one needs to suffer for one more day. Everyone deserves to be happy and have dreams for the future. Women love to share good news and so I have made it a mission to let everyone know that Gerry has given me back my life, quite literally. I wish someone had directed me to him earlier so I didn't suffer so long and waste so much of my life in fear, anxiety and pretending that everything was normal.”
V.J., Langley, BC (name with held to protect privacy)

Recommendation for Progressive Attitude:
“I find that you are much more progressive than anyone else that I have ever dealt with.”
A.J., Walnut Grove, BC (name with held to protect privacy)

Recommendation for Workplace Issues:
This is what I have appreciated most about the experiences I have had thus far with Gerry:

  1. Gerry has a direct and honest approach in dealing with issues, no “beating around the bush” or excuses. I am able to effectively hold myself and others accountable for their actions.
  2. I have learned how to utilize patience and self resilience.
  3. I am now able to plan and maintain a professional and structured learning environment for ongoing improvement in myself and others around me.

There are some unique benefits of this counselling program (compared to other EFAP programs I have used) and this is why I benefited to the degree that I did. I am extremely grateful to have been counselled and coached by Gerry Bock, after I had tried the EFAP program and found that not only did I have no results from the material the counsellors provided me, my progress went backwards during the EFAP program.

This journey has been an extremely difficult time in my life, but having said that it has also been an incredibly valuable journey teaching me resilience, assertiveness, perseverance and patience and will now allow me to be a more effective employee and support for my co-workers.”
A.R., Delta, BC (name with held to protect privacy)

Recommendation Regarding Mediation and Support following Marriage Breakdown:
These were the obstacles when I began with Gerry, initially.

  1. My wife and I were separated. She would frequently create a scene (often in public) that would trap me into taking the blame to avoid further embarrassment and humiliation). I was confused because I didn’t know this was the truth of what was going on. I cared so much for us and our marriage, and I couldn’t believe it was happening.
  2. This is what I have accomplished, gained, and overcome as a result of our work together.
  • I came to understand the truth about what was behind the trouble and learned some skills that help me solve problems with people not just for people. I learned to gain trust, first by communicating effectively, within parameters of facilitation and with specific skills.
  • Second, I gained a perspective to being open to what matters most to people (values, emotional states, purposes and coping skills) and what to do to “handle” these situations effectively.
  • Third, I gained a greater awareness of these same things for myself.

This is what I have specifically appreciated most about the experiences I have had with Gerry.

  1. First, Gerry never backs down from saying what needs to be said. He works quickly and effectively in formulating ideas of what to do to help me.
  2. Second, these very same things that I need to be doing, he doesn’t do them for me. And he is very clear about this distinction and is fairly gentle about it. He does not do my work for me.
  3. Third, he is open and flexible and quick to understand my ideas and, because of the above skills, he is just as quick to work with me on my ideas.
  4. These are the unique benefits of this program (compared to other counselling programs I have used) and this is why I benefited to the degree that I did.
  • I’ve been to many other counselors and they were very speculative, theoretical or unsure of much of anything about me or they were highly interpretive and judgmental of me with my situations.
  • Because he is so resourceful, he is able to apply the most useful of his many tools and he is flexible in adapting the tools to fit the need, rather than fit the need to the tool.

This is why I recommend that you work with Gerry.

  1. Gerry has many tools in his toolbox.
  2. He keeps up to date with his reading and is always looking for the best, as would be expected of any professional and he is not afraid to “throw out” the garbage and keep only what works.
  3. He practices what he preaches. If he wants to give tools on how to communicate effectively, he does it. If he encourages me to discover my life purpose, he already has his ready to tell and explain.
  4. Gerry’s openness enables him to have an intense interest in helping others. He is very competent in communicating that interest. His interest is genuine. So it is always a pleasure to speak with him.
  5. Gerry is excellent in mediation. He knows how to “read” what it is that people want, and how well they are doing in getting what they want, whether they know what they want or don’t even state it. He is able to help them come to a place where they can say what they want. He also is able to accomplish this regardless of the number of the people in the meeting. It is amazing to watch and even more pleasing to see the results.
  6. What else do you feel is relevant? Gerry uses sound business marketing practices to develop his practice. He is creative and intentional in this and more importantly, he is committed to doing so regardless of how untypical it may be for his profession.
    C.T., Abbotsford, BC (name with held to protect privacy)

Assistance with Agoraphobia and Severe Anxiety:
“When I first came to see Gerry, my life was in shambles. As a severe agoraphobic with extreme anxiety problems, I was living in a prison inside my own home – but terrified to leave it. I also had a severe and debilitating eating disorder which was drastically affecting my health. These issues completely consumed me, making it impossible for me to lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

Since I have been seeing Gerry over the past few months, my entire world view has changed. While I am still working on these issues, my entire approach to them, and the way I live my life, has fundamentally shifted. I know with time and hard work on my part, I will overcome any challenges that stand in my way.

“My drive for change coupled with Gerry's support has gotten me to this point, and I don't believe for a second that I would be where I am today without his guidance. I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about fixing something important in their life.”
Anonymous, Name With held by Request

Testimonials Regarding Practice Development and TIR (from my Peers):


Dr. Sam T. Reimer, RCC writes:
“The TIR and Private Practice Marketing Programs were clear, entertaining, practical, personal, and participatory. Before I started working with the TIR and PPM programs, I was open minded and inquisitive, eager to learn more about how to be as effective as possible. The PPMP reminded me of many things I knew already and enlightened me about new ways to promote my business; it went into detail and explained – with real examples given – of why and how it works. It motivated me and helped me to be more organized, motivated, and to connect with key people in order to stay that way, basically promoted accountability which I need to succeed at the level I would like to.

The three biggest benefits I received from working with these programs were:

  1. Clarity and Focus
  2. Commitment and Follow-through
  3. Connection, Accountability and Deepening Friendships I would recommend these services to my friends and colleagues without any hesitation. My preference would certainly be that those taking the TIR training and the PPMP would be RCC’s.

I feel very privileged to have connected with a guy like Gerry who constantly reminds me of his commitment to help me achieve things in my private practice (and in my life) that I often only dream about. He shows by his life what is possible as far as fulfilling dreams. That is awesome! It is an honour to know him as a great teacher, a kind mentor, a dedicated coach, a devoted colleague and dear friend.”

Lee Splett, M. Ed, RCC, CRHSPP writes:
“I learned valuable practical information which I could immediately put into use in my own counselling practice. I wish I had been able to take advantage of this information years ago! It would have made such a positive difference to my private counselling practice. Since taking these programs, my effectiveness has greatly increased and my clients have directly benefited.”

Elina Falck, MC (Counselling Psychology), CCC writes:
“I have had the great good fortune of receiving training in both TIR and Gerry’s Private Practice Marketing (PPM) strategies. In my experience, TIR is the most consistently successful therapeutic platform I have ever come in contact with. So far, I have not experienced a single client with whom it has not worked remarkably quickly to resolve their long-standing, complex problems.

Gerry’s PPM seminars have given me the map and the confidence to convey the effectiveness of TIR to people who would not normally seek counselling. The combination of TIR and the PPM tools create a wonderful win-win situation: for me, for my clients, and for my community.”

James Logan, RCC writes:
“TIR gave me the tools to work in areas where even with 30 years experience, I was too cautious to be effective. Traditional methods took too long and were too painful for the client & the case. TIR management practices are thorough, comprehensive and achieve a solution.

The private practice marketing program offers tailored guidance through the steps to a new awareness and an avenue for creative exchange to handle your goals and polish or refurbish my connection within my community.

My perceptions before I started were that I would have to take steps that were uncomfortable for me personally and professionally. I did not want to be a slick, walking, talking advertisement.

My perception has changed in that I now recognize that I am offering valuable services and not enough people know how to access my services or send me referrals.

The biggest benefit I have received is developing my own special market niche to maximize and maintain my referral sources & how to attract clients without compromising my agency work or creating a conflict of interest.

I would recommend this program to other friends and colleagues, but only if they really want results. This program assists in making you available for clients. You can keep to your ethics and reach out to people as well.”

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