About Gerry Bock - Counselling Services Surrey

Gerry Bock operates a small counselling practice in Surrey BC that is discreet in maintaining a high quality results oriented and confidential approach toward patient care.

Personality and Burnout

Some personality traits developed in childhood lead to burnout vulnerability. Performance orientation, conditional love, co-dependency patterns, rigid thinking, perfectionism, and lack of flexibility, are personality traits that are crucial factors in determining whether a person will burn out. Striving for … Continue reading

Reactions to Anger

Physical reactions to anger and anxiety can include muscle tension in the low back and neck, dry mouth, racing heart rate, dizziness, feeling faint, shaking, cold hands, red face, headaches, stomach upset, fatigue, and crying. These are hormonal responses related … Continue reading

The Definition of Love

When asked to define what love is, one study rated trust as the most important component of love. Also rated as highly important were commitment, caring, honesty, friendship, respect, faithfulness, reliability, loyalty and communication. Loving or Needy? People who are … Continue reading